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Free Webinar - Practical Simulation and Design of Broadband GaN RF Power Amplifiers

This pre-recorded webinar will start with a review of the characteristics of  Wolfspeed’s latest 50 V GaN transistors (CGHV27015S and CGHV40100) using the Microwave Office nonlinear simulation software. The design example is a 100 to 1000 MHz amplifier stage. The measured performance, without any tuning, is compared to the simulated performance. The practicalities of such a design will be discussed including the modeling of passive components and the bias circuits for such an amplifier. Submit your information on the right to receive this video!


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Large Signal Models

We offer excellent Large Signal Models in two formats, Keysight's ADS and National Instrument's Microwave Office. If you are interested in obtaining these models, please complete the form here.