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Industry Leading Silicon Carbide Expertise and Capacity

Join Wolfspeed at IMS 2019

Dates: June 4 — June 6, 2019
Location: Boston, MA | Booth: 842

Meet us in booth 842 to:

  • Experience different high frequency and low frequency live demos each day

  • See our new product introductions for Aerospace/Defense and Communications Infrastructure applications

  • View our broad assortment of GaN on SiC and LDMOS parts

  • Learn about our Foundry Services and the new training course we offer

  • Talk with our technical experts about your system design challenges

Why Choose Wolfspeed?

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SiC Expertise

  • Wolfspeed has more than 30 years of experience in Silicon Carbide (SiC).
  • We created the industry’s first GaN on SiC HEMT with record power density in 1998
  • We demonstrated the indsutry’s first GaN HEMT MMIC grown on semi-insulating SiC substrate
  • We have more than 70% market share of SiC wafer sales
  • We are a Department of Defense Trusted 1A Foundry
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  • Our extensive portfolio includes a wide vairtey of LDMOS and GaN on SiC solutions for Telecom, Aerospace and Defense communications
  • Our radar products span L-Band to Ku-Band, and include new product introductions for S-, X- and Ku-Bands
  • We offer LDMOS and GaN on SiC solutions for 4G and 5G, including our new 40W Broadband Doherty GaN Transistor
  • We also provide General Purpose Broadband and Satcom solutions, including two new products for our unmatched discrete GaN HEMT product line at 35W and 120W
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  • Wolfspeed is the only power semiconductor manufacturer that is vertically integrated, so we control supply and design from wafer to module
  • We are the only semiconductor manufacturer that controls 100% of our SiC material supply
  • We doubled our production capacity in September 2018.
  • Wolfspeed is on track to double production capacity again before the end of calendar year 2020

Live Demonstrations

We're featuring different high frequency and low frequency live demos each day of the show. Come by to see the results and speak with members of our Application Development team.

Tuesday, June 4th

Low Frequency: Broadband GaN MMIC Power Amplifier for 32V C-IED Applications

Using Wolfspeed's reliable GaN technology the CMPA2060035F provides a compact solution for C-IED applications spanning 2.0 — 6.0 GHz. With a fully matched 50 ohm multi stage MMIC housed in a compact 0.5in leaded package system complexity can be reduced while maintaining competitive performance.

Applications include C-IED and ISM.

High Frequency: Mid Ku-Band GaN MMIC PA for SatCom Applications

With 500 MHz video bandwidth the CMPA1D1E080F provides an industry leading and reliable solution for tube replacements for satellite communication. The three-stage design provides ample gain while maintain linearity across the band.

Applications include Satellite Communications (SatCom) and Radio links.

Wednesday, June 5th

Low Frequency: 120W Multi-Stage Application Fixture for S-Band Radar

With a thermally capable package the new CGHV35120F allows the end user to operate the device at high case temperatures (85C) while still meeting output power and efficiency requirements for air and naval based S-band radar systems. In conjunction with the CMPA2735015S the overall gain from driver to output stage is well over 45dB and with the pre-driver operating at 50V overall system complexity and size can be reduced.

Applications include S-band Radar.

High Frequency: Broadband GaN MMIC Power Amplifier for 28V X-Band Radar Applications

With a three stage design the CMPA901A035F provides a high gain and output power solution at x-band using Wolfspeed's industry leading GaN technology. The high PAE at these frequencies combined with a ceramic package allows the flexibility for this device to operate CW for applications outside radar.

Applications include: X-Band Military Radar, Marine Radar, Weather Radar and Medical applications.

Thursday, June 6th

High Frequency: Troposcatter Tactical Radio Reference Design

The CGHV1F025S-AMP4 application fixture combines two surface mount unmatched devices to provide over 50W of power from 4.4 – 5.0 GHz. With measured EVM less than 3% under OQPSK signal the fixture is able to meet harsh linearity requirements for Troposcatter tactical radio applications.

Applications include Satellite Communications (SatCom) and Radio links.

Where to Find Wolfspeed

Wolfspeed parts are featured in demos throughout IMS. Here is a complete listing of where you can find our components on display:

Booth Location


Booth #374

Booth #606

Booth #618

Booth #838

Booth #930

Booth #1150

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